Surveying re-invented for Gen Z

Easily share ThisThats accross all social platforms, leverage your verified accounts for scale and 10x your completion and response rates with fun surveys that rarely take longer than 30 seconds to complete.

How it works

Ask as many questions as you see fit, choose the number of responses you need and share ThisThats to your audience. Understand whether it is This or That with real-time insights via a self-serve dashboard. Rank options and deep dive into correlations among respondent groups. Make descisons with confidence.

1. Ask

ThisThat always presents questions in a visual and binary format to its respondents. This is how we get honest answers at 10x the scale.

Inspired by how chess players are ranked, ThisThat sets up a tournament environment for questions with more than 2 options, pitting each option head to head in back to back comparisons. This provides a leaderboard and insights into the likelhood of individual options winning any given comparison.

Video, images and giphy - we do it all.

2. Share

Share surveys and profiles to any device, across any platform, anywhere in the world. 


Respondents can answer via web app or our native iOS app. No download, nor signup is required and we’re fully GDPR compliant.

All ThisThats and profile links come with a designed thumbnail.

You can choose whether to make your surveys public or private.

3. Learn

Use questions to create any demographic you desire by filtering and comparing respondent groups. Say goodbye to limitations on drilling down for a deeper understanding!

Stay on-trend by observing evolving opinions in real-time.


Teams and profiles

On ThisThat you survey on behalf of a profile.

Build a following and provide your audience the opportunity to be part of an empowered community.

Inspired by our favourite project management tool Trello, we made sure that it is super easy for you to survey on behalf of profiles across a variety of teams (i.e. clients, campaigns, or projects). Collaborative work and cross campaign management of surveys has never been easier. A true game changer for agencies and larger organisations!

How is ThisThat different?

Can we meet today's demand?

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