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World's First Fun Survey

Use the power of Social Media to gather valuable insights

Surveys made for social

53.6% of the worlds population spend an average of 2½ hours a day on social media! Let that sink in.


To connect with them you need to speak their language. Yes this means surveys need to entertain and be social to enable social surveying at scale.


ThisThat’s UX is made for the ever curious, the opinionated and digitally savvy audiences. This is the very reason our surveys show 10x completion rates.

Social media native audiences love ThisThat’s visual experience of video, images and GIFs and that their voice can be expressed effortlessly through reactions. Finding out what the world thinks as respondents go through questions keeps the curious mind engaged and eliminates voter fatigue. There are comment threads where respondents can express their opinions, spark debates and even tag friends. Respondents share surveys and can also save or follow a profile on ThisThat. True fans love being part of your decision making!

Use the power of social media to gather valuable insights and with ThisThat you can even build an inquisitive and empowered community around your campaign.


Analysis made easy

Data doesn’t tell you $#!%. Insight does.

But gaining insight is incredibly difficult. It requires “complex” analysis and the ability to tell a story from correlations identified; which at times can feel like somewhat like walking through a maze blindfolded.

At ThisThat we’ve recognised that to empower an industry it’s not enough to just open the doors to social surveying. Rather we need to make all of workflows easy to perform in-house; better yet make them fun. Our clients love the ability to skip weeks of analysis with ThisThat’s ability to instantly convey the lift of the campaign at an individual influencer level for each KPI along the marketing funnel. Say hello to automated reporting!

Those that love to dig deep into the data get to use our filter and compare technology to segment results by response to questions as well as by our trackable survey links. Our trackable survey links enable comparisons of results by influencers, by paid exposure vs organic exposure, by platform, by creative, by any audience type. Are you a big Excel advocate? We’ve got you covered! Use our custom in-built excel tool will allow you to cut the data in any creative way you fancy before exporting. Sound good? It gets better. ThisThat’s very own influencer marketing measurement and strategy team will empower your team to run studies to a level of excellence in-house. We’ll offer end-to-end training, processes and assets from research methodologies to survey design, data analysis, strategy and story telling.


Made for agencies

All your insight in one place. Brand lift studies, Influencer impact, exploratory research anything survey led - we’ve built a platform made for agencies. 


Made for collaboration

Brands, Agencies and Influencers are becoming ever more collaborative and we want to support this! With ThisThat you can share custom access and engage collaborators along the work flow.


Made for influencer marketing

We’ve made it easy to survey creator’s audiences as well as valuable for every player in the industry. Every time you survey creator’s audiences with ThisThat, our tech categorises the results creating somewhat of a CV of their historic impact on campaign KPIs as well as the voices of their audiences.

How do agencies an brands benefit from this? They’ll gain a new level of granularity on affinities of creators and their audiences. This insight is invaluable with influencer selection and optimisation for always on campaigns. How do Influencers and Talent Manager benefit from this? They’ll gain deeper insight into their audience than ever before and they too will be able to feature self chosen stats on their profiles to ad brand pitches.