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There’s a simple reason marketing teams fail to understand Gen Z. The data used to drive decision making is not representative of their needs. Gen-Z live on social and if you want to understand them, your insight partner needs to be using their language! ThisThat’s surveying platform lives on social media where 53.6% of the worlds population spend an average of 2½ hours a day. Using a hybrid of social media and panel recruitment, we are your secret weapon to being able to evolve with marketing needs.


Audiences far and wide take part in our surveys because they enjoy having their voices heard online. In turn we design bespoke studies to provide action orientated insight which keeps you on trend and aware of new opportunities. #social-led #on-trend #hyper-targeting #social-insight



Who needs ThisThat’s Social Insight?

Move fast or get left behind; the evolving needs of the market means everyone needs insight to stay on trend. ThisThat’s Social Insight is perfect for the ever curious innovators, industry leaders, agile and ambitious teams, strategic execs, market researchers; pretty much anyone looking to get a jump on the next trend.

Brands & Organisations

Are you a marketing exec, a strategist, or a community manager? Want to get a jump on a new trend? Want to understand, attract and engage your consumers and uncover new target markets? We make it easy for you.


Are you a creative, marketing or brand comms agency? Want to provide a next level service? Impress your clients with data driven strategies from actionable insight on “hard to reach” audiences pre, mid or post campaign.

Influencer Marketing

Not yet using ThisThat? Don’t get left behind! The best campaign managers, account directors and strategists now work with us to understand the audiences of their influencers and their brands to drive repeat business.


Best use cases of Social Insight
Understand Young Audiences

Understand, attract and engage the digitally native and diverse trend setters. Gain insight on the nuances between Gen Z and millenials and bring your content, creator and disrtbution strategy to new heights.

Influencer Insight

Directly survey influencers’ audiences, with whitelisting or organic swipe ups. Shape your campaign messaging based on the sentiment of their reach. Not from a group defined by similar target group traits on a panel.

Creative Testing

Test trends and capture consumer reactions to videos, images, designs, and anything visual. Understand the impact of each creative on target groups in relation to key messaging, emotions evoked and desire to take action along your funnel.

Speedy Actionable Insight

Be up-to-date, agile and get a jump on new trends. The key thing is we tell you why your campaign was successful and offer tailored recommendations with on-brand reporting all within 2 weeks!

On-trend Campaign Partner

Continuously evaluate and iteratively improve creative and market positioning – pre, mid and post campaign. Regularly measure your brands perception, consumer awareness and your comms.

Optimise Marketing Strategies

Compare and understand nuanced differences among target groups, what brings them to platforms such as TikTok, Youtube or Instagram, and what their shopping behaviours are. Tactfully tailor your distribution strategy and win more business.


How and why do we recruit responses through social?

ThisThat’s social-led sampling, gamified surveying and expertly crafted studies, offer the winning approach to understanding “hard to reach audiences”, making data human again and capturing authentic opinions.


ThisThat surveys are embedded in social media ads and influencer swipe ups (see screen recording above); no download or sign up is required. Your consumers enjoy taking part and being social led enables us to recruit broadly, but also tap into niches to drive the highest quality insights tailored for you.

Be it young and trendy foodies who follow your competitor’s socials, ate in Covent Garden last week, and haven’t yet subscribed to your delivery service - easy! Even target multiple personas types for one survey - we can run multiple ads, do so across multiple platforms and isolate the resposes for audience A/B testing.

Sound crazy? Not at ThisThat. Market research methodolgies are just stuck in the 90’s and we’re here to bring them back to the forefront of technical advancements and market needs.

Looking to understand differing perceptions, opinions and behaviors? To identify new opportunities? To re-define your target market? To better attract and engage them? We’re not constrained by limiting panel data points. Define your personas without constraints. Location, age, gender (of course), but think bigger: interests, behaviours, pages they have engaged with, just about anything! And watch us collect responses in hours! #speed

If you’re looking to optimise your social media campaigns? Look no futher. Precisely match your campaigns’ target audience with those that drive your decison making by applying the same audience specification in ThisThat’s survey embedded social ads. Similarily recruit repsonses directly through your influencers with swipe ups or whitelisting to better understand, attract and engage your campaign’s audience.

The indicators for the new opportunities we face are not contained in our own data.
~ A Fortune 100 CMO


Continuous Insight that keeps you on trend

Real people. Real opinions. The next generation are social media natives, cross pollinating ideas and trends, daily, hourly, sparking ever new behaviours and opinions, shaping the present moment in a glorious feedback loop between communities and companies. Patterns in buyer behaviour are ephemeral and it can get a little overwhelming sometimes. We all love data driven decision making - it gives strategy its confident back bone and it’s a sure get out of jail card when things go belly up, but evolving with rapidly changing marketing needs is difficult and you simply can’t automate on-trend Insight. By the time you have built an AI tool to automate decision making the data model itself will be outdated. The market moves so fast that the data feeding its intelligence quickly loses its relevance. Similarly getting on-demand responses to a survey only provides you data not insight. Insight requires expert study design.

So, at ThisThat we provide clarity to the noise and help brands, creative agencies and influencer marketers find their audience and understand what makes them tick, the kind of content which inspires them and sparks action. Continually rely on ThisThat to provide on-trend recommendations within 2 weeks from your study kick-off call. Our studies explain not just what consumer behaviours have shifted but why, enabling you to react quickly and confidently. As your Insight partner we’ll aim to uncover new opportunties, give you a headstart on emerging trends and help you optimise at every stage. #on-trend #fast-insight #clarity-to-the-noise


Insight readymade for
decision making and reporting

Let’s get on the same page as to what differentiates Data from actionable Insight. Imagine Porsche was looking to optimise its marketing efforts in Europe:

1. What: Data

People in Germany love Porsche and so do people in the UK. Pretty useless information on its own #coolstorybro

2. Why: Insight

People in Germany love Porsche because they percieve its quality to be high, where as Brits love Porsche because of their speed and beautiful design.

3. So What: Insight +

The reasons for liking Porsche cars vary depending on whether you are from Germany or from the UK and as such the marketing efforts must be tailored.

4. Recommendation

Marketing content in Germany should anchor high quality where as, content in the UK should emphasise Porsche’s speed and beautiful design

On demand survey platforms just give you the raw data and Market Research firms or consultancies empty your budget and often take so long that the recommendations are outdated. You would think it’s not possible to provide both quality and speed....surprise! ThisThat are market leaders in both. Being social-led, pioneers of market research analytics tech, and a fast growing start up with expert analysts and sparky creatives means we skip lengthy panel screening processes, engage the hard-to reach and report rich actionable insight into your target market. Our 2 week recommendation turnarounds mean you save time in waiting and translate insight into action.

Our output is collaborative and customised. Rely on our reports to be on brand and all sections to be re-usable. We’ll send you the keynote or .ppt file. Heck we’ll even jump on a call to explain the recommendations to your client or senior should you wish. Intersecting our values of being articulate and engaging meets our storytelling approach to reporting. #page-turner`


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