ThisThat’s social-led

There’s a simple reason marketing teams fail to understand Gen Z. The data used to drive decision making is not representative of their needs. Gen-Z live on social and if you want to understand them, your insight partner needs to be using their language! ThisThat’s surveying platform lives on social media where 53.6% of the worlds population spend an average of 2½ hours a day. Using a hybrid of social media and panel recruitment, we are your secret weapon to being able to evolve with marketing needs.


Audiences far and wide take part in our surveys because they enjoy having their voices heard online. In turn we design bespoke studies to provide action orientated insight which keeps you on trend and aware of new opportunities. #social-led #on-trend #hyper-targeting #social-insight



Who needs ThisThat’s Social Insight?

Move fast or get left behind; the evolving needs of the market means everyone needs insight to stay on trend. ThisThat’s Social Insight is perfect for the ever curious innovators, industry leaders, agile and ambitious teams, strategic execs, market researchers; pretty much anyone looking to get a jump on the next trend.

Brands & Organisations

Are you a marketing exec, a strategist, or a community manager? Want to get a jump on a new trend? Want to understand, attract and engage your consumers and uncover new target markets? We make it easy for you.


Are you a creative, marketing or brand comms agency? Want to provide a next level service? Impress your clients with data driven strategies from actionable insight on “hard to reach” audiences pre, mid or post campaign.

Influencer Marketing

Not yet using ThisThat? Don’t get left behind! The best campaign managers, account directors and strategists now work with us to understand the audiences of their influencers and their brands to drive repeat business.


Best use cases of Social Insight
Understand Young Audiences

Understand, attract and engage the digitally native and diverse trend setters. Gain insight on the nuances between Gen Z and millenials and bring your content, creator and disrtbution strategy to new heights.