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World's First Fun Survey

Use the power of Social Media to gather valuable insights


create effortlessly

It couldn’t be easier to create a survey. Choose from ThisThat’s powerful question types including ‘pair comparisons’, multiple choice and tournament.


Import questions from the question bank to speed up survey creation and add supporting documents to your survey so everything your team needs is just a few clicks away.


You control who can access your survey, where the poster appears to be located and when your new survey should go live.


Collect data rapidly

The power is in your hands when it comes to collecting responses. Create data sources for different campaigns and influencers to measure and compare their impact. And separate channels so you can identify where each has shone brightest.


Or, for an entirely in-platform experience, set up a panel to collect or top-up responses from a lookalike audience.


It’s easy to simulate campaign exposure too. Simply add the video to the data source - respondents will be forced to watch it in full before starting the survey.


Use different data sources for your control (unexposed) and test (exposed) response groups.


Built for brand lift

Brand lift is built into the platform. Select which data sources make up your control (unexposed) and test (exposed) groups.


The platform generates charts that give you a powerful overview of the campaign’s brand lift results and their statistical significance.


You can filter and compare the results to deep dive into the data and discover brand lift insights.

Insight at your fingertips

You can filter and compare response data in any way you can imagine with the powerful results page.


Set up filters, create grouped data charts and compare across data cuts, all with statistical significance indicators helping you understand which data points are the most robust.


Here, we investigate the impact that the influencer (and platform) has on perception of affordability through a series of filters and views. This uncovers deep links between fitness experiences, affordability, long-form content on YouTube and increased sales.

Your data, your way

The self-serve platform is packed with features to make it as easy as possible to run campaign measurement and analysis.

For when you need the raw data at your fingertips, export responses to an Excel file with any number of data cuts and filters.

Or, if you need a quick way to share the results of your survey, simply create a password protected link to distribute as you need

And much, much more...


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