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A little bit of This

a little bit of That

Early days at ThisThat

Dom & Max - ThisThat

Why building tech takes time

Jörg Rhienboldt - APX

Where to find funding

Ivan Tan - Humant Life

How to build credibility

Mor Eini - APX

your first case study

Jörg Rhienboldt - APX

Tips for growing a team

Luke Townsin - TikTok

If you could do it again

Edward East - Billion Dollar Boy

Influencer trends 2022

Scott Guthrie - IMTB

Diversity in a hiring strategy

Stephanie Hoppe - Wearisma

What it takes to be a founder

Edward East - Billion Dollar Boy

Episode 1:
Start up Part 1

In this episode we look at the story of ThisThat, running a startup, tips from founders, and our position in the influencer marketing space. We’re joined by some amazing guests including Jörg Rheinbolt - MD at Europe’s leading accelerator APX, Luke Townsin - Head of Operations, Creator Marketing Solutions at TikTok, Stephanie Hoppe - Wearisma, Scott Guthrie - IMTB Board Member, Edward East - CEO at Billion Dollar Boy, Mor Eini - Strategic Partnerships and Growth at APX, and Ivan Tan - CEO at Humant Life.

If you’re thinking of starting your own venture, this episode will help get your idea off the ground. Join us as we share our experiences in the turbulant world of startups.

Episode 2:
Improving each campaign

In Episode 2 of A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That 'Improving Each Campaign', we discuss why it’s so important that brands and agencies make an effort to improve each campaign and the value of influencer marketing amidst the marketing world.


We hear from an amazing list of guest speakers: Philip Martin - CEO at Reachbird, Luke Nemorin - Commercial Director EMEA at Tagger, Scott Guthrie - Board Member at IMTB, Joe Adsett - Paid Media Director at Takumi, Danny Lowney - MD at at Sixteenth and Jim Meadows - Chief Strategy Officer at Takumi.

Are Influencers becoming more data driven?

Danny Lowney - Sixteenth

How do you identify trends at reach bird?

Philipp Martin - Reachbird

Jim meadow's Top tips for strategy

Jim Meadows - Takumi

Where does Scott Guthrie get his information?

Scott Guthrie - Influencer Marketing Lab

Is ThisThat data something that excites you?

Luke Nermorin - Tagger

How does Tagger optimise influencer selection?

Luke Nermorin - Tagger

Improving each campaign

Philipp Martin - Reachbird

Why should your team develop analytical skills?

Joe Adsett - Takumi