Ever curious DNA

ThisThat is for the ever curious, the creatives, the analysts, the rebels, the storytellers, and the nerds. If you like deconstructing the status quo and re-building new and improved solutions you’re at the right place. Day in and day out we deliver inspiring and action orientated insight and similiarly work with those that embody creative ways to address complex problems, uncover meaningful insight and create recommendations that re-defines success to new heights.



How it started?

An age old dilemma with seemingly no easy solution. If only there was a platform to gauge public perception in seconds.... A few weeks later the founders had hacked together a Tinder lookalike for voting - This or That. And so the ThisThat revolution began.

Fast forward 3 years, 40+ app iterations, the launch of our analytics platform and social media embedded surveying, we arrive to ThisThat, revolutionising Market Research, bringing tech and the needs of an evolved and ever changing market to the forefront of this data rich world.

Let’s set the scene. She was busy getting ready. He was suited and booted hours before. She couldn’t decide what to wear for a fashion show and tension was mounting. She had several outfit options and wanted feedback... on all of them.... from multiple sources. He wasn’t providing the requisite reassurance.

“You look lovely!”
                        “...shall we get going?”

Unsatisfied, she fired off selfies to friends and pushed them for their opinions. The clock was ticking.


How it's going?

Have a listen to our Co-Founder, Max discuss the need for Insight in the Influencer Marketing space and how we engage Gen-Z with our fun surveying platform on Scott Guthrie’s Influencer Marketing Lab.

February 10, 2021


Our values and culture

We evolved from a fun surveying app and began challenging the Market Research landscape out of pure frustratation with its inadequacy in engaging young audiences and unheard voices. Market Research plays a powerful role in our society; from driving strategic decisions, to marketing game plans and even political policies. The paradox herein is that the audience the world is trying to understand, want to have their voice heard, yet the friction of panel platforms prevents them from being listened to. We are not political. We’re fed up of polarising data driven decision making based on bad data.

Engaging audiences through social, broad, yet specific, amalgamating many ways of thinking, and leaving bias as well as cancel culture out of the equation we continuously gain an overview of public perception. With this insight we seek to bring clarity to the noise. What brings us joy is fuelling effective communication and Insight driven decisions that set trends loved by all.

Championing different ways of thinking, on every side of the coin is at the core of ThisThat’s DNA. We believe that the best way to bring about meaningful change is when contrasting ways of thinking collide over a shared vision.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from, if you think you have what it takes to be part of a passionate team of creative and purpose driven innovators who thrive on breaking boundaries together, then roll up your sleeves and bring everything you’ve got. We don’t just study audiences, we create insight that drives action and change.

The well being of our team is of central importance as is championing personal and team successes. Our cocktail of collaborative cross-pollination of thinking with accountability and ownership feeds our fast growth and happy teams. Joining ThisThat comes with the commitment to self improve, help and inspire; we’re a caring, self-critical and trusting team who always seek to learn, improve and grow.


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