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Influencer-led research

Tastemaker Foresight

Survey any audience

Connect with consumers

What is Influencer-led research?

At ThisThat we tear the market research rulebook apart. Influencer-led research is about asking the right questions to the right audiences.


Influencers are embedded right at the heart of culture and have the most foresight, as well as relevant understanding of their audiences. We use influencers as the gateway to your target audience. If you have a community to research, who better to utilise than the community representatives themselves?


You’ll also stay ahead of the curve as you gain insight directly from tastemakers, trendsetters and people with genuine influence.

Learn from the best of the best

Asking the right questions is arguably the hardest task in market research. The art to survey design begins with selecting hypotheses to test - who better to lean on in this process than influencers; the trendsetters, the leaders, the representatives of hard to reach communities?


Our in-depth focus groups harness qualitative insight that forms the foundation for the study.

  • You’ll uncover insight from community representatives, tastemakers, trendsetters, leaders and people with genuine influence.

  • These Influencers have been vetted. They proven their success in building a community and having that community listen to them.

  • Shape your study with their input.

Survey any audience

ThisThat have created the world’s first fun survey that shows unprecedented completion rates through social.

No longer limit yourself to millions of demographic targeted panellists for survey data; open your door to hyper targeting among the 4.5bn social media users.

Pairing influencers with ThisThat’s social surveying tech opens the doors to target survey audiences by community, affinities, values and lifestyle i.e. brand relevant audience.

In addition to our social-led surveying we have 120m panellists globally that can be screened and targeted by demographics.

Connect with your audience

We host focus groups with representatives, leaders and tastemakers of your target audience and together with them we survey your target audience. You’ll finally have the insight you have been waiting for.

We dig deep into the what and the why. We are fast too, helping you stay on top of trends.

Customisable surveys provide bespoke insight. Filter and compare technology allows for deeper cutting of data.

International Women's Day.

In these videos we present findings on the reality of being an empowered woman in 2021. We collected 20k opinions directly through Influencers to understand how women, men, whites, BIPOC, those of the LGBTQIA+ community, those not, gender fluid and gendered perceived the realities of being an empowered woman in 2021.

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