Frequently asked questions

How do I create an account on ThisThat Analytics?

Simply tap Login / Sign up and follow the steps. If you want to book a demo and speak with us directly, you can do so via the "book a demo" button on the home page.

How do I create my first Survey?

You can post surveys on ThisThat Analytics by first creating a Team and a Profile. Once you have done this tap the "Ask" button. You'll then be guided through your survey creation. Each survey will require a question (you can ask multiple questions of course), answer options, images associated to these options, a category in which the survey is associated with and finally a caption to begin discussion in the comment threads. The questions will be posted on behalf of the profile that you created, enabling you to post multiple surveys on behalf of said profile and enabling you to build a following for said profile.

What type of polls can I ask in a ThisThat survey?

1. This vs That As the name suggests, in this poll format you can pit one option against another in a head-to-head match. This binary format is perfect for A/B testing. You can use one or two images in this poll but there will always be two options; This or That?. 2. Tournament Tournament Mode allows you to ranking more than 3 different options and as up to as many as 50. Audiences up/down vote the options and then have the option to compare each of the options in a mini tournament of pair-wise comparisons. A vs B, B vs C, A vs C and so forth for all the options. 3. Collection

This is simply a multi-question survey. You can have as many This vs That polls and/or Tournament polls as you like. You can mix them up to of course. The benefit of a collection is your ability to filter and compare question & answer groups upon analysing your results

How do I create Teams and Profiles?

We took inspiration from the best multi-team and multi-project platforms. You have the option to create teams and profiles to suit your objectives; If you are an agency that represents multiple different brands or campaigns, ThisThat is the platform for you. To add members to a team or profile, simply add team members via a link, invitation email or by selecting existing team members. The profiles you create on the analytics platfrom will appear as a typical user with a verified tick to your respondents. You also have the freedom to select Team Admins or Standard Memebers

How do I share a poll?

Simply tap "share" when viewing an individual poll on "Poll Analysis"- the page you are on when viewing the stats of an individual poll. When sharing you will be given a link that will take your audiences directly to the poll. The poll is answered by the audience via the iOS App or Web App. Polls can be shared in a email mailing list, on any soical media platform including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, and can be answered on any device, anywhere in the world.

Why is binary better?

Binary is less taxing on the audience. Forcing users to leave written answers will only put them off answering your survey. By providing answer options you can ensure you get higher levels of engagement, more polls answered, and faster, more accurate results. Remember, users are free to leave comments on polls. These comments can be up/down voted giving you a great space to collect qualitative data.

Do I need team members to get started?

No. You can use ThisThat Analytics as an individual user or as a team. You're free to create teams down the line as you market research needs grow. Simply invite them via a web link or via an invitation email.

How many responses can I get on ThisThat?

As many as you could possibly need or imagine. We are fully scalable to suit your needs whether you're looking for a small scale survey of 100 responses or a worldwide study looking for millions of responses.

What data can I get on ThisThat?

You're able to ask any demographic, psychographic or characteristic questions on your surveys and filter your audience based on the responses.

If you encourage respondents to sign up ThisThat collects age, gender, location and education level at the sign up process.
All data is collected in accordance with GDPR and users only share data on the ThisThat app voluntarily.

Where is the ThisThat audience located?

The vast majority of our users are located in the US and Europe but we're growing around the world with audiences in all english speaking countries, spanish, portuguese and german. You are free to share surveys with anyone in the world in any location.

How do I download the iOS App?

Simply search for ThisThat on the app store or use this link:

How do I pay for votes?

On ThisThat you pay per vote through a Stripe payment system.

Simply tap add vote credits to your team and you'll be guided through the steps. Invoices for all payments will be sent to your verified email address. We accept payments in USD, Pound Sterling, Euros and other major currencies.

If you would like us to source the audience for you we ask that you contact us directly on and we'll help you out at our next availbility

note that a 'vote' is not a 'response'. A respondent to your survey can cast up to as many votes as your surveys has questions.