Brand Uplifts re-invented
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ThisThat offers the fastest Brand Uplift study turn around times, actionable insight and uniquely captures data you can finally trust. Our studies are designed to make you the expert and win the heart of your brands. With us, in a matter of 3 weeks (what a dream), you’ll understand the success of your campaign, the impact of individual influencers as well as audience traits (related to lift), why content was successful and how that correlated to a shift in the brand’s perception among its competition.
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What is a Brand Uplift?

It’s a tangible measurement of how successful your campaign was in having an impact by correlating a lift in Brand KPIs when comparing those exposed vs. unexposed to the campaign's content.

Typical questions answered include whether the campaign’s target market are more likely to:
• be aware of the product/brand following exposure? #brandawareness
• purchase or consider purchase of the product? #purchaseintent #purchaseconsideration
• recommend the product to a friend? #advocacy #recommendations

Why change?

At the moment Brand Uplifts are a mere tick the box “yep the campaign went well” excercise. They only provide data, and lack the game changing insight. Lack of insight crucially doesn’t help you learn or improve nor deepen your brands’ confidence in your expertise. This is where we do things differently - we’re all about the powerful and action orientated insight!


Even our most basic package is a “no-brainer”, with trustworthy data, ½ the price and 2x the speed of any other competitor! What are you waiting for?


1. Whitelisting

Whitelisting is a process through which influencers give unfettered open access to advertise on their social accounts.

This is where we fundamentally differentiate. Ba-Bye lengthy panel screening processes reliant on the shaky foundations of claimed followers and claimed exposure. ThisThat recruits its responses for Brand Uplifts directly through the influencer’s reach capturing trustworthy data in days. Whereas panels take 8-12 weeks to recruit survey respondents, which you can’t 100% trust have actually been exposed to the content or follow the campaign’s influencers. Hella shady huh? #fakenews #snoozeyoulose

The control of paid ads allows us to re-target audiences who have engaged with the influencers content in the exact timeframe of the campaign and effortlessly obtain a 50:50 balance between those exposed and unexposed. Thanks to this central differentiator, you can bank on the lift stats being truly reflective of your campaign and experience a speedy 3 week turn around (amen to that) from study customization through to survey creation, response recruitment and the final report. #winning #speed #trustworthydata


Our studies are designed to make you the expert and win the heart of your brands #insightmadeforinfluencermarketing


2. Influencer and audience

Isolate specific influencers impact as well as target group trait’s susceptibility to lift. ThisThat’s unique tracking and filtering tech, finally gives you an understanding of which audiences are best to engage as well as which influencers are best at driving different Brand KPIs. Take this expertise to optimise distribution of creatives in future campaigns and see your MROI sky rocket as your brands fall in love with you. #extraspecialsauce

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3. Relative brand perception testing

We invented a new question type #tournamentmode to help rank your campaigns’ brand against its competitors and measure the relative perception shift that you have achieved in terms of brand KPIs. Say your client, Nike wanted to lift its perception in terms of LGBTQIA+ friendliness. We can work out not just how much of an impact your campaign had to its lift, but also the impact it had relative to Nike’s competition. Proving to your client that you helped them stand out is a sure way to win #repeatbusiness and understand its #market-fit

How? Tournament Mode places your brand in head-to-head comparisons with its competitors, generating a relative “favourability” rating. Shout out to any queen gambit fans, the maths behind this elo-rating is the same math used to rank chess players. 

Tournament Mode.png


4. Creative testing

You wanted to understand the impact creative had on a campaign at any point in the funnel, from awareness right through to advocacy. We can even do one better with tournament mode and our gamified surveying platform.

Understand the relative success of each piece of creative be it video, audio or image as well as the response of each target group as it relates to key messaging, emotions evoked and influencer specific creative comparison.



Let’s be real here... market research can be pretty dull, the interactions are mechanical and the reports can be dry AF. We’re fun (promise), our studies are custom made to draw out the juicy insights you desire and you’ll get addicted to the depth of value gained from collaborating with us.

Our reports are so good you may just *cry a little, we will integrate your branding and ensure it’s easy peasy to re-purpose key pieces for your own reporting. Heck, we’re even happy to present the results to your client for you.

Behind the curtains of our insight team, we’re a fast growing tech startup, agile and ready to build any high value functionalies. Go ahead and make a suggestion! 
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* ThisThat takes no responsibility for any tears of joy caused

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