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Brand Lift

Verified Exposure

Measure any & All kpi's

instant & strategic insight

What is Brand Lift?

Brand lift studies help you measure the impact of your advertising campaign by comparing survey data from those exposed vs those unexposed to a campaign. The change in percentage among these two groups is the lift.

At ThisThat we create custom surveys to uncover bespoke insight, tailored to measuring your specific campaign objectives.

KPI's that you could measure with ThisThat:

  • Any & All KPI's

  • Awareness Lift

  • Association Lift

  • Perception Shift

  • Preference Lift

  • Search Intent

  • Conversation Lift

  • Consideration Lift

  • Sign Up / Purchase Intent

  • Recommendation Lift

Verified Exposure

We’re setting the new standard and measure brand lift with data you can trust! With ThisThat you can survey audiences that have been exposed in the real world directly through social media; be it Instagram, TikTok or YouTube!

What’s new:

  • Gain custom insight from those the campaign has touched

  • Measure memorability of creators with true ad recall data

  • Test targeting and if the creator’s audiences affinities fit the target audience

  • Uncover the unique relationship that creator’s have on their audiences


  • Impact of organic reach vs paid media reach!

  • Creators impact along the funnel and their audiences’ affinities

  • Platforms; be it long form vs short form or audiences reached

Why is this important? Outdated solutions rely on simulating exposure. They target panellists by demographic values (not affinities) and pay them to watch content before answering the survey. Core issues with this methodology:

  • You’re not surveying the influencers’ audiences

  • The unique impact that each creator has on their audience is ignored

  • True impact isn’t an instant reaction to one creative, it’s the lasting aftermath of natural exposure days if not weeks after multiple touch-points

Audience Journey

Brand lift studies offer a full 360° view of the marketing funnel; you’re no longer limited to trackable actions online but you can ask people questions to find out what happens offline too. ThisThat studies are fully customisable and uncover impact on various targeted audiences along the journey of the marketing funnel.

With ThisThat you can uncover the journey of:

  • Each creator’s audience

  • Audiences exposed across different platforms

  • Organic reach vs paid reach

Test differences in your targeting strategy and take campaign optimisation to new heights!

Instant & Strategic Insight

Instant insight with ThisThat tech. Our dashboard automates lift analysis and we time our data collection such that you will have access to this as soon as the campaign ends - say goodbye to month long waiting times!

Strategic insight within 2 weeks of campaign ending. Our amazing team leverage our technology to understand why the campaign performed the way it did with insight on creative, targeting and messaging. We’ll test your hypotheses, seek to discover which brand traits pull down the funnel and how this differs across target audiences. Obtain unparalleled learning to lift campaign ROIs to new heights. It’s time to raise the industries standards.

Brands want to know how to optimise the spend of their millions of dollars on influencer marketing. They need to understand why their impact happened and they need to be in touch with their target audience to be strategic. The only way we can do this is with ThisThat.

Jim Meadows

Chief Strategy Officer @Takumi

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