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ThisThat Anlaytics is for the ever curious who want a fast, simple and awesomely sophisticated service. We’ve re-invented surveying, made it fun, and are enabling everyone to generate deep and bespoke insights. Find out what the world thinks and why!


How did it start?

A classic what should I wear situation. A friend of the founders couldn’t decide what to wear for a fashion show. She had several outfits to choose from and wanted feedback on each. As they gave their reviews it clearly wasn’t enough.
     “You look lovely!”
                    “...shall we get going?”
She resorted to sending pictures of her outfits to friends and rushing them for validation. If only there was a platform where you could find out what the world thinks in seconds.... Mmmhh

A few weeks later the founders had hacked together a Tinder lookalike for voting - This or That. Within days, friends were asking questions like where’s best to play football and which shoes to buy. It became the buzz on campus. A platform designed to get instant feedback on visual content was born. Fast forward 3 years, 40+ app iterations, the launch of the web app and the analytics platform, here we are: taking the lead and making surveying fun, simple and awesomely sophisticated.

We’re challenging the surveying landscape out of pure frustratation with its inadequacy in engaging Gen Z. Market research plays a powerful role in our society; from driving decisions for product strategy to political policies. The pardox herein is that the audience the world is trying to understand want to have their voice heard, yet aren’t given the adequate chance to be listened to.

Providing a fun experience, speedy insights and the ease of adding value is through simplicity is core to our DNA.

ThisThat is fun because it needs to be.
If you want honest data you need to foster an environment where people want to share data. We’re transparent and double down on intrinsic motivators such as curioisty of what other people think, a platform for others to see and challenge or validate your opinion, and a social environment to engage with.


Our values

We’re simple because insights are not just for market research teams but for all teams. ThisThat requires no training.

Both the social play and the simplicity enables the sophistciation behind our Analytics offering. The social play unqiuely provides ThisThat data to further understand respondent behaviour, networks and dynamics, which underpin deeper and clearer insights. This in conjunction with simplicity drives engagement on the platform and generates 10x data, both supporting decision making and the voice of Gen Z.

We welcome all respondents; the opinionated, the curious, the challengers and are always seeking to uncover new insights and re-evaluate insights from new angles. We’re also open to collaborate as we recognise the growing multitude of players in this space and confidently identify our niche as everything Gen Z.


Partner with us

We offer a variety of partnership opportunities, from industry professionals to small creative agencies to large business consultancies. Contact us to find out more.

We offer a variety of partnership opportunities, from industry professionals to small creative agencies to large business consultancies. Contact us to find out more.


Want to join our team?

Consider yourself an amazing sales & customer success manager? a creative and effective content and social media guru? An organised and data wizard of an insights manager? If yes then reach out to us on LinkedIn.

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