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Our Story

Let’s set the scene. Summer 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland. Dom and Max are inundated with friends asking them to fill out dull dissertation surveys. Aware of the powerful role that market research plays in our society, and its inability to engage all walks of life Dom and Max set off on a mission to make surveys fun - a tall order! A few weeks later the founders had hacked together a Tinder lookalike for voting - This or That. And so the ThisThat revolution began.

Fast forward 2 years, 40+ app iterations, and 2 break-ups, we built the world’s first fun survey platform and got accepted onto Europe’s leading accelerator program - APX in Berlin. Jump forward another two crazy years, a global pandemic and here we are both legitimising and elevating the influencer marketing industry while working with the leading agencies and brands globally.

Our Values

ThisThat is for the ever curious, the strategists, the creatives, the rebels, the storytellers, and the nerds. If you like deconstructing the status quo and re-building new and improved solutions, you’re in the right place.


We made surveys fun. Now we're making market research fun. People enjoy working with us - ask any of our clients!

no bullsh*t

We’re all about transparency. We tell you how it is no matter what the results.


Take research into your own hands with our tech and training. We like to empower and make things simple.


If you’re always asking why, or challenging the status quo, you are like us.

humanising data

For insight to break through a data rich world, you’ve got to anchor it in the human. We open the doors of surveying to the world and drive decision making with storytelling.


Easy workflows and easy analysis. Long gone are the days where data can only be interpreted by data scientists.

Sit back, relax

& Have a listen

Have a listen to ThisThat’s Co-Founder, Max discuss the need for Insight in the Influencer Marketing space and how ThisThat engages social media native audiences with our fun surveying platform on Scott Guthrie’s Influencer Marketing Lab.



We built trustworthy influencer marketing measurement for all stages of the marketing funnel


We’re placing our tech and know-how into the hands of those who run campaigns


We’re empowering an industry to feel confident in the art of research


Together we’ll take influencer marketing to new heights

Our mission

Voices aren’t heard and people are misunderstood. We’re changing who answers questions, how they answer questions and in doing so, we’re connecting brands with their target audiences.

Talking influence

What’s got us talking in January 2022?





It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from, if you think you have what it takes to be part of a passionate team of creative and purpose driven innovators who thrive on breaking boundaries together, then roll up your sleeves and bring everything you’ve got. Championing different ways of thinking, on every side of the coin is at the core of ThisThat’s DNA. 

The wellbeing of our team is of central importance as is championing personal and team successes. Our cocktail of collaborative cross-pollination of thinking with accountability and ownership feeds our fast growth and happy teams. Joining ThisThat comes with the commitment to self improve, help and inspire; we’re a caring, self-critical and trusting team who always seek to learn, improve and grow.

We like data sure, but we’re people first, and prioritise the team dynamic and workplace satisfaction too. If you are the kind of person who enters a space and makes it their own, goes above and beyond everyday because they’re excited to be part of something new, then drop us a message. We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join us on our journey. Few times, if ever in a career, do you have the opportunity to shape an industry – this is one of those times. 
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