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No hate towards panels! They’re great and infact we’re proud to be partnered with Prodege, but panels have their limitations... we’re changing who answers questions and how they're answered. Voices aren’t heard, people are misunderstood and measurement solutions are, put plainly, B***S**T. This is why ThisThat built a solution to survey any audience! We’ve made it possible to survey through social media, ads and influencers. Open your surveying doors to the 4.5bn social media landscape! Say hello to the new standard of marketing measurement and get to know your target audiences more than ever before!

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being fun

changes everything

We started ThisThat because we too thought that surveys, well... sucked...


The social media native world are tech savvy, move fast and have high expectations within digital experiences, and want to have fun!

ThisThat survey completion rates are 10x industry average. How? Gamification, slick UI and all the things people want from a platform - videos, Gifs, likes, comments and social interaction.


Rather than lean into extrinsic motivators such as paying respondents to complete surveys, ThisThat have understood it is intrinsic motivators such as; curiosity of what others have to say (yes, those who complete our surveys get to find out what the world thinks) and having a good time that lead to higher completion rates. More importantly, we inspire authentic and eye opening honest data.

The buck doesn’t stop with our tech, you should meet the team! We’re a fun bunch too - promise :) - ask any of our clients!

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Brands want to know how to optimise the spend of their millions of dollars on influencer marketing. They need to understand why their impact happened and they need to be in touch with their target audience to be strategic. The only way we can do this is with ThisThat.

Jim Meadows, Chief Strategy Officer
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ThisThat's unique access to hard to reach audiences, combined with a gamified experience for the respondent, generates super-rich seams of data from which to draw insight. Our study was super-insightful, revealing little-known shopping habits, platforms' impact on mental health and the nuance of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities' use of social platforms

Ian Forrester, SVP Research & Analytics
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ThisThat is the future of measurement for influencer marketing. It's level of depth and reliability for brand lift studies is unparalleled. ThisThat has a strong play for becoming the gold standard for psychometric impact measurement

Ian Randolph, Head of Product and R&D

Brands are out of touch

Getting quality survey responses is hard!

Research has been reliant on panels to provide "target audiences" at scale through "hyper-targeted" demographic specifications yet end up with samples where Ozzy and Charles are considered the same.

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