Data doesn’t tell you $#!%
Insight does.

Crusty stats don’t tell you much and their value is fleeting. Improve future campaigns and uncover new opportunities with speedy actionable Insight: bespoke recommendations stemming from data.

Want to understand, attract and engage your ever changing target market? Say hello to ThisThat who provide clarity to the noise and help market leaders get ahead of emerging trends and optimise campaigns.

We are experts in continuously providing bespoke actionable insight from hard to reach audiences with changing behaviours, perceptions and opinions. #socialembedded #social-led #gamifiedsurveys.


“ThisThat is the insight partner for the digital age”

An evolving marketing landscape needs more than your own data, anticipate shifts in customer behaviour and stay on trend with action orientated insight from ThisThat


Market Research as an industry is generations behind; while most ole’ school companies are seeking to grow their panels, we are on social, where the real opinions of today are shared.

Being fun, and keeping things simple by recruiting responses through social ads, #thisthat drives our 10x conversion from ad reach to response. Our surveying environment captures honest opinion and opens doors to the voice of niche groups.

ThisThat’s gameified, frictionless experience results in far superior insight that evolves with the customer and the market‘s needs.

Being fun changes everything



Brand Uplift

Understand the success of your Influencer and social media campaigns as well as how to optimise them going forward.

Social Insight

Uncover real opinions and new opportunities as we help you understand, attract and engage your target market.

On-trend campaign partner

Have an up-to-date understanding of brand perception. Regularly measure consumer awareness and the effectiveness of your communication.


Speedy action orientated Insight

We are fast and do insight not data. The key thing is we tell you why your campaign was successful and offer tailored recommendations.

Young audiences

Hard-to-reach, young audiences love us. In fact we can pretty much engage anyone from the pool of 3.5bn social media users.

Gamified, social and visual

Respondents share honest opinions every 2 seconds because they enjoy taking part. This captures better data which delivers better insight.

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