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Survey completion rates on social

Ways of cutting the data


Respondents on our panel

Not just any-old data

Ever wondered why the industry uses panelists, who are paid to complete a survey? No? Well, we have, and we do things differently.

With ThisThat, you can survey any audience! Our technology opens the doors to the 4.5bn social media landcase through next-generation ad targeting and influencers.

Get to know your target audiences better than ever with the new standard of marketing measurement.

Our Clients

10x completion rates

We're with you... surveys suck! Well, most surveys that is.

ThisThat's social-born survey platform is fun, gamified and slick. It's familiar for the tech-savvy social natives and offers the most engaging experience of any survey platform through gifs, likes, comments and instant gratification with question-by-question results.

Finally, survey data is authentic, trustworthy and cost-effective as we deliver 10x completion rates over our competitors.

The buck doesn’t stop with our tech, you should meet the team! We’re a fun bunch too (promise!) - ask any of our clients!

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"ThisThat developed solutions to solve the market's leading pain point - measurement"

Talin Koutnouyan, VP Research & Analytics
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“Great to have a tool that actually shows the influencer channel's effectiveness by getting true uplift responses from the audience affected and not just a random person who sees the content. The connection between follower and influencer is a critical factor that every other brand lift study provider ignores when looking at Influencer. ThisThat doesn't - they truly understand the channel”

Goat Agency
Harry Hugo - Co-Founder
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"ThisThat has a strong play to set the gold standard for quantitative impact measurement in Influencer Marketing. The company's level of depth and reliability for brand lift studies is remarkable" 

Ian Randolph, Head of Product and R&D

Brands are out of touch

Getting quality survey responses is hard!

Research has been reliant on panels to provide "target audiences" at scale through "hyper-targeted" demographic specifications yet end up with samples where Ozzy and Charles are considered the same.

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